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Our work speaks for itself because we believe in treating, nourishing and hand crafting each project from start till the end to maintain the quality we like to produce. We always try to keep the business model, user experience for the end users, taste and requirements of the client to make sure the delivered product becomes a master piece and stands out with unique identity in the market.

Forex Trading Platform (BlackBull)

Blackbull is a platform that is being used for stock market trading (FOREX). It uses a third party API for getting the data on the run time for all the stocks. It is made to provide traders an institutional level of trading execution and capabilities in order to give them the best trading edge possible. I comes with an exclusive options in a backend admin panel like Customizing the contents of the front end, slider images etc.

1.PHP + MySQL + CodeIginter MVC Framework
2.Web 2.0, XHTML, Bootstrap Responsive, jQuery
3.Synchronous Ajax, Bootstrap
4.Search Engine Optimized
5.Trading Platform
6.Forex Trading
7.Live Chat Module Integration
8.Google Translator Integration
9.Digital Wallet
10.Islamic Accounts
11.Dynamic Backend admin panel

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Bartarball (Service Trading)

BarterBall is an application to trade services with people who are offering something in the nearby vicinities. Where, users barter their services after finding through application. This application is comprehensively providing GPS location based search and nearby search within the requested mileage to find services in nearest region. There are more other features which are really good. .

2.CodeIginter MVC Framework
3.Web 2.0, XHTML, Bootstrap Responsive, jQuery, Ajax
4.Search Engine Optimized
5.Barter Services
6.Secured and Comprehensive
7.Nearby services
8.Chat Module
9.Newsletter Module
10.Automated Subscription
11.Highly Secured & Flexible CMS System

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Centralized Restaurant Management

Acomer, a centrally managed food and restaurant order booking platform and is the ideal place to order or plan your meals for the week and take away the great weight of ordering your meals day after day, for free, from your home, office or mobile device website by using the pin numbers assigned for the employees. It comes with 3 bakend admin panels each for the system owner, restaurants who want to get registered with the system, and another one is for company employees who want to subscribe to those restaurants. This is what makes it huge.

2.CodeIgniter Framework
3.Web 2.0 - XHTML + CSS 2.0, jQuery + AJAX
4.Search Engine Optimized
5.Secured and Comprehensive
6.Centrally Managed backends
7.System admin, Restaurant and company admin portals
8.Booking system, Order Booking
9.Pin Number generation
10.Complaints Management
11.Error Reporting

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Travel Portal (Amy Paradise)

Amy Paradise is a platform the job of which is data scrapping of world's destinations, it is crawling the data from TripAdvisor, Expedia, Fodors, Travelocity. Destinations have been properly categorized. There is an online shopping store working with the website, PayPal,, Bank Wire are being used as Payment Methods. The checkout process comes with shipment option using USPS Shipment API. Backend admin panel has multiple management options like Destination, Order, Product, Content, Email, Newsletter management  which is pretty dynamic by definition.

1.PHP + MySQL + CodeIginter MVC Framework, Web 2.0
2.HTML5, Bootstrap Responsive, jQuery, Synchronous AJAX, SEO
3.Data Crawling (TripAdvisor, Expedia, Fodors, Travelocity)
4.PayPal,, Bank Wire as Payment Methods
5.Destinations Management(Continents, Countries, States, Cities)
6.Destination Reviews, Rating, Amenities & Ask Editor Feature
7.E-commerce shop with orders & USPS shipment API
8.Highly flexible CMS System
9.Email Templates Management
10.Coupons Module
11.Automated Subscription & Newsletter Modules

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Nfinitely (Expense Manager)

Nfinitely is a platform which is an expense manager to meet the financial needs of its users and also to give them professional guidence and understanding of their finances. All this is done on the foundation of different U.S. financial institutes so as to keep the flow of information in real time and on the basis of real data. Users can manage their monthly budgets and spendings by different categories and they can also leave reviews about their experience on the platform.

2.CodeIgniter Framework
3.jQuery, XHTML, Javascript
4.Bank Level Security
5.Social Media Integrations
6.Intuit API
7.Expense Manager
8.Subscription & Newsletter Module
9.US Financial Institutes
10.Monthly Budgets by categories
11.Spending by Categories

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Legalexe (Legal Services)

LegaleXe is the world's first consumer legal services platform that enables its users to compare legal costs and appoint a Lawyer instantly. Contracts drafting, employment law isssues, personal injuries, tax issuse, divorse etc can be dealt with on this platform. The platform has registered lawyers firms, customer registration, star ratings and reviews, lawyer profiles, a comprehensive backend admin panel, content pages and content, paypal integration and alot more.

2.CodeIgniter Framework
4.jQuery, XHTML, Javascript
5.Bootstrap, Web 2.0, W3C compliant
6.Consumer legal services
7.Social media integrations
8.Paypal Integration
9.Dynamic backend admin panel
10.Scalable and comprehensive
11.Cost comparisons

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Rare Coin Warehouse

Rare Coin Warehouse is a product made for one of the clients who is a metal dealer from Colorado, USA. It is an eCommerce platform that is a premier source for coins, precious metals, and collectible currency needs whether investing, collecting, or trading. Those metals include Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium. Displays stock market prices by updating live. It offers Multi-Tier Product Pricing and has multiple payment options. USPS shipment & Address verification API implemented.

1.PHP + MySQL + CodeIginter MVC Framework
2.Web 2.0, XHTML, Bootstrap Responsive, jQuery, Ajax & SEO
3.Metals Selling (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium)
4.Auto Live Stock Market Price updates
5.Multi Tier Product Pricing Management
6.PayPal,, Bank Wire & By-Cheque as Payment Methods
7.USPS Labels for shipment & Address verification API
8.Pending, Completed and Fake Orders Management and Reporting
9.Member Rewards, Gift Certificates & Coupons Modules
10.Highly Secured & Flexible CMS System
11.Email Templates, Automated Subscription & Newsletter Modules

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Great Useful stuff (ecommerce)

Great Useful Stuff is an eCommerce platform built with using Custom PHP and the cart functionality using BigCommerce. It is intended on selling specific products like travel bags, racks categorized by travel solutions, office, household and more. It has social media and Paypal payment gateway integrations, shipping calculator which is using shipping APIs, coupon with redeem option, giftcards, newsletters, template management and alot of other stuff that makes it a state of the art exommerce platform.

2.Web 2.0, XHTML, CSS
4.Bootstrap Responsive
5.jQuery, Synchronous Ajax
6.Highly Secured using SSL certificates
7.Search Engine Optimized
8.Social Media Integrations
9.PayPal Payment Gateway Intergated
10.Product categorization
11.Dynamic backend admin panel

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Raw Dog Hawaii

Raw Dog Hawaii is a a platform for you if you are a pet lover, specially dogs. It is an eCommerce platform made in wordpress using Twenty Ten framework, Woo commerce and bbPress. It uses Paypal as payment integration.It works like a normal eCommerce platform but has a feeding calculator. Social media integrations have been done for sharing and it is search engine optimized.

3.Twenty Ten Framework
4.WooCommerce, bbpress
6.Javascript, jQuery
7.Search Engine Optimized
8.Social media integrations for login
9.Paypal Integration
10.Feeding Calculator
11.Social Media Integrations

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Start-a-smile Crowdfunding

This application is benchmarked on Kickstarter & Pozzible crowd funding applications. It is developed using MVC Framework and integrated PayFast Payment Gateway of South Africa. Behind the application, it's core business logical algorithm is designed and working purely for the crowdfunding requirements. Visual effects are managed using CSS 3.0 and applications robustness using latest cutting-edge technologies.

2.CodeIgniter Framework
3.Web 2.0 - XHTML + CSS 2.0, jQuery + Synchronous AJAX
4.Search Engine Optimized
5.Secured, Comprehensive, Dynamic & Back Office (CMS)
6.GD Library
7.Payments/Transactions Report Module (with CSV, PDF option)
8.PayFast Payment Gateway Integration
9.Subscription & Newsletter Module
10.Cache Engine
11.Projects Management in Backend

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